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Thursday, March 24, 2011

WWII bomb found in our town.

     I saw a small article from a newspaper on the train as I was riding to take care of two little ones for the afternoon. An American WWII bomb 500 kg was found in Massy where I'm staying. 800 people were evacuated to Versaille.  I guess everything turned out fine. No one at the school knew anything about it. Just another day. crazy.
     I went south of Versaille to watch Pavel and Jonas in one of the nouvelle cities where the government built newer cities within the last 30 years to push people out of the downtown area. (there are 18 million People in the region! - 8 million in downtown) Everything was built for these towns except churches. There are schools, commerce, government buildings, apartments, houses, bars, restaurants, etc. A church cannot be built near a school because of the separation of church and state law. But a bar can be placed next to a school. Go figure.
     Three year old Pavel goes to French public school. His parents are from America working with our team. The school will start children as early as 2 1/2 years old if the parents need that assistance. It is free. He goes 4 mornings a week until 11;30 His mommy is in Switzerland for a number of days taking a class on how to teach women to do Bible studies as well as how better to teach. His daddy is trying to work so Jean and I are taking turns a couple of times to help out. I brought drawing supplies today and we drew each other's feet and let them color them in. Lots of giggling and tickling.
     If you do not subscribe to our newsletter and want more news that you are not seeing on here then we would suggest you let us know. We send one out every month or two with information that we would not want to be so public. Email; parisbarr@gmail.com  ----Carol

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