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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let's talk France Fellowships

There are those diehard fans of Facebook and those who prefer reading Blogs. We try to cater to both but I know I'm more lacking for blog entries.  Let's talk "France Fellowships". One of my jobs with France Vie is to raise awareness and help motivate others into concerted caring. Our French team would love to have people in the states gather in groups every so often to pray and talk about France and her people as well as think up ideas and projects to encourage our young church planters. Sometimes we have specific projects that come up we need help on. A big project for the future would be starting a coffee house near a university to meet students or others who happen by - besides offering drinks/snacks we can offer art and music classes, band night or opening nights for the gallery, being able to relate with them on a personal level and share about unconditional love and getting them connected with a community.

I am going to set the month of July to see if any of you would call up some  friends to meet somewhere to eat, talk and pray about what God would have you do. He's already working. Let's tap into what he's doing.

Our young French/American/German couples who work for France Vie do struggle sometimes and need encouragement. France Fellowship groups can find ways to encourage them. Eventually we are going to design a website where groups can post their ideas and projects.

We have one church who has been involved with us quite a while now and have a big book sale once a year. People donate their old books. Every year it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Maybe you are already part of a Book club and this would be another type of thing your group could do. You are already meeting - why make up another date on the calendar? 

Would your men or women's groups through your church/work/school, like to focus on France? Some of you learned French in High School or college. Find other like-minded Francophiles and think up something Frenchified. Some have "Raising Awareness for France events", during the day or evening, show a video of our team, hear their personal stories and pray. Serve French tarts or quiche, chocolate or whatever and play French music.

Many of you have been involved with us already and have been praying and financially giving. We SOOO appreciate you! France Fellowships are a more concerted effort within a group setting and targeted toward France Vie as a whole not one couple.

It only takes one who is excited to invite a few friends to get together. 

If you like the sound of this let us know.

Carol and Russell