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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cora! - Hypermarché

     Some of you may have heard of Cora. It's a hyper market that is so huge it takes 2 days to really go through it. Otherwise, one may become very exhausted. I have to walk my groceries back to my dorm so I have to be careful how much I put in my cart. I found out they do not have brownie mixes. I signed up to bring brownies for 20 people one of the days of the conference. I guess I'll make them from scratch They do have a few cake mixes. It's no wonder Suzy asked for me to bring those brownie mixes for her. There are 20 different kinds of milk. One milk I bought was so sweet. That's fine if you want it with your cereal but not with regular food. I finally found one that I think is 1 1/2% la cremé. mmm - just right.
     I did not see any corn tortillas. I want to make Mexican food for my dinner tonight. They do have flour tortillas. There were some smaller Dorito chips packages 200g and some Old El Paso sauce and some kits to make Mexican if one so desires. I bought the chips and will make some kind of Taco salad. For 2.65 euro I bought a spice bottle of Mexican spices. I did not find chili powder. There was cumin though.
     I looked for garbanzo beans to make hummus and couldn't find them.They had premade hummus for almost 3 euro. But it would have been so easy to make it. Shoot. The cookie aisle was a wonder! I did not buy any. It was hard. The madeline's are so beautiful, the chocolate covered waffle cookies, they all are a delight, Macaroons. Self-control, self-control. Now I know what I will bring back to give to people. I don't see these kinds of things lining our American shelves.
     I was sick a couple of nights ago from eating too rich of food later at night. So I ate very little yesterday and feeling fine today. Can you tell I was hungry?

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