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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Jumpstarted Church Life

Paul talks about Christ loving the church by “giving himself up for her, that he might sanctify her (sanctify means to make holy - we are set apart on this spiritual journey as Christians.) It doesn't mean we are better than anyone else. When we profess Christ crucified and the Savior of the world; he made us holy, he saved us from eternal separation away FROM God when we die to be WITH Him in perfect peace for all of eternity! That's huge. Then he begins this spiritual process in us - this journey of continual sanctification of holiness, knowledge, peace, and true love beyond anything we can imagine. It doesn't mean we can't enjoy life. Jesus promises that he came so we "can have life and have it to the full!" John 10:10

This enables us to have a relationship with Him and thereby a relationship with others that's really special. I'm not kidding! A real relationship with God who is alive and loves us!, The apostle Paul calls the church the “pillar and foundation of the truth” in our world today (Eph 5:25-26; 1 Tim 3:15). Scripture focuses so much on community. People want community today and you hear about it. —In biblical terms it means, the many parts of the body of Christ or the believers being built together into a holy temple—all of which implies that all of our labors should be spent on the building up of the church. He called us to be together to take care of each others needs. If we truly lived out what Christ commanded about assembling together we wouldn't need all this "social justice" that needs to happen. Churches have stepped up for generations in taking care of people.

There is a trend today where many Christians don't see the need for meeting together as a church body. (I'm not talking about a church building but as a group of believers coming together on a continuous basis). This is crucial to having a relationship with God and each other that goes deeper much faster.  We meet as a group to love and serve each other, grow in the knowledge of Him and serve those in the world. These people become an extension of our physical families. It gives glory to God and he asks us to do it. This is how we meet those needs of people who do not have families that care for one another.

If you haven't met with a group of believers in a while, or never at all, to worship the Lord and grow in the knowledge of Him—maybe it's time in the New Year to jumpstart that again. Worship as a group the one true God and allow him to work in your life. Bring a friend.

That's why Russell and I believe in planting churches in areas that have none. One church for 80,000 people in the Paris region. It's critical for the life of the believer. They are spiritually poor in France and God has made us spiritually rich to share what we know.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Video Presentation Complete!

Check it out. In the column to the right click on "Video Presentation." There is also a DVD version we can ship to anyone who wants one.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Heart of America Christmas Pageant

We just got back from the pageant at First Baptist Church in Raytown, Missouri. Amazing! What we saw was not just a performance, but what 31 years of love and devotion to a project can accomplish.
At some point they will be streaming the performance on their website. I'll post the details when they become available.
Blessings to you in this Christmas season!