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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Musings from a Paris elevator

    I can say my time so far in Paris has been walking, buses, trains and some meetings thrown in. I will be taking our conference group with me during that time and showing them the various prayer walking sites during their stay (within 50 km around the Arc d'Triomphe). Some of the sites are that far out. There are approximately 10 sites we will be going to as well as the area where our conference will be held in the city every morning. I'm learning the ropes. The pedometer states approximately 11,000 steps per day are the totals of my wanderings underground and above ground. My teammate, and angel Sister, Jean, said the other day she walked 15,000 steps. Her son got her an Ipod pedometer. Google says 10,000 steps is around 5 miles. Wow! That should get me healthier and since this is my first week I'm very tired when I get back to my dorm room at night. Not good for much of anything but eating, talking, computing and sleeping. I finally had my first full night of sleep.
    Today Jean and I walked to a couple of Hostels downtown, and lots of places in between, to find a place for our conference attendees to lodge when they are here. Both were very nice and the one we picked had easy and close access to many of the sites they needed to get to. This building was built in the 17th Century. That's the 1600s! It had frescos on the walls and marble - just beautiful. Of course my batteries died in my camera, and I'd changed purses. The batteries didn't transfer. Isn't that the way? The hostel itself is only 1 month old so everything in it is new or redone. Just lovely. 29 euros a night including a light breakfast. Adults only but they can be young or old. Sorry no children if you ever want a nice hostel to stay in. www.bvjhotel.com
    We were able to spend time with another one of our teammates, Kim, who came into town to pick up her Marathon number to run tomorrow morning through the streets of Paris. Kim has 2 toddlers. Can you imagine? I prayed for her to run like she was flying on the wings of eagles. She's visualizing that.
    As I was walking through the huge train station to get ready to return back to my home base on the 30 min. train and 10 min bus ride back, I decided I would take an elevator instead of more steps. I got in and an Asian woman about 60 years old got in with me. She realized I was American, with stupid French coming out of my mouth. So she began talking in English and said she wasn't Chinese. I thought that was so funny because I hadn't said anything about her nationality. She said she is Cambodian. I did say my husband and I were going to move to France. She said, "What you and your husband going to do - be missionaries?" I am not kidding. I didn't even say anything. I did respond to her later. She said, "I go to the Trinity church. You come." I looked it up and it's the international church in that arrondisement. Now I ask you, why would she ask if we were missionaries? I said nothing but looked at her and tried to figure out which button to push on the elevator. I'm posing this question. I'm not going to answer because I don't know.
    Help me. What do you think? ...........Carol


  1. Only a Christian would ask such a question.

  2. Thank you Russell for commenting. Does she think that all Americans who come to live in France are missionaries? come on! Also have you noticed that 5 of our followers are either hiding behind a filmy curtain since we can't see their faces. I want to know what are you guys trying to hide? And what about the one who has an egg shaped face? More questions and not enough answers....until next time. - Carol

  3. Sounds like a fun experience and very interesting circumstances :) Seems like you are having fun in France. Hope you have more fulfilling days ahead :) Take care,