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Friday, March 4, 2011

Heart of America Christian Writers' Network

     I had the privilege of speaking to the Heart of America Christian Writers' Network last night. I was asked to address the working relationship between writers and artists. There were around thirty of us in attendance.
     Aside from the professional issues discussed, I was given the opportunity to share what Carol and I plan to do in France.
    I had spent time in preparation and had my "speech" typed up, ready to go. After all, I was billed as being a seasoned professional, and felt I needed to say something worthwhile to justify the invitation.
    To start things off each person was asked to share what projects they were working on. As each person stood and introduced themselves, and the projects at hand, they also opened up about issues they were dealing with. It became clear to me that my carefully prepared speech, while accurate and specific to their industry, wasn't what these specific people, at this specific time, need to hear. As a result, after I was introduced, I opened the floor to questions. Don't get me wrong. I needed to be prepared. Even when you decide to shot from the hip, your gun needs to be loaded.
    Instead of hypotheticals, we got down to business. These were thinking people. There was no embarrassing silence, just an hour of constant conversation back and forth. They blessed me with intelligent dialog that ranged far beyond anything I had prepared to say. During that time I was also able to share, as a part of the flow of information, our dream for ministry in France. Two different people came up and asked if they could pray for me; once during the sound check; and once at the end of the evening, after the closing prayer when we were all just chatting. I was relieved to hear, in their comments, and their prayers, that I had been able to give them something.
     Several people expressed an interest in supporting us and/or helping us network in some way.
     One of the things I didn't specifically cover in my talk, was how energizing the working relationship can be to both parties. That was certainly a side benefit I experienced last night. Being in the company of creative people is its own reward. Thank you, Heart of America Christian Writers' Network. -Russell

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  1. Very Cool. Thank you to Rebecca Thesman for thinking up this opportunity!