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Thursday, November 8, 2012


This is from one of our teammates in France. 

"While some of you very likely gave up watching for the sake of a good night’s sleep, I had the opportunity to roll out of bed this morning, turn on the TV, surprised to find right at that moment Obama giving his victory speech. I found that to be more convenient than staying up past 1AM. We chose to follow the events on the English-speaking international news channel, though it’s interesting to follow it all in French from time to time as well.
I avoided going out yesterday, in part out of fear that Frenchmen would grill me about the election, Frenchmen who very often know more about American politics than I do. It was indeed a subject of conversation over the meal at last night’s Alpha Course, questions about electoral votes, Mormonism, time zones, campaign trails…
I was overseas the day Bush was elected for a second term, but this was the first time I was overseas for the entire campaign, or la folie, as I’ve referred to it. Apart from feeling generally out of the loop and ignorant to all that was happening, I can’t say I really minded.
As our team started the day in prayer yesterday, we prayed for the United States, but most of all for the Christians there, that above politics, they would be more concerned with improving and protecting their own unity as the body of Christ and in advancing the kingdom of God rather than the kingdom of America, of Democrats, or of Republicans.
Because what would happen if we put an equal amount of energy and (the) $6 (ad) billion dollars towards making disciples of all nations? What if we proclaimed just as loudly our message of true change and real hope? What if we kept our eyes fixed on our story that lasts longer than four years, on the One who always delivers on the many promises he makes?"