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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life As We Know It

     Doing fine here, pacing myself and learning the lay of the land. For now, I'm working with our French Field directors, on Mondays and Fridays, and the week of Easter to help with a Seder Meal and Easter weekend, also preparing for the prayer conference. The conference is the week of April 9-16th.  All of us have a certain aspect of preparing - getting speakers lined up, the singing team, figuring out which sites we will travel to and who will be cooking when the participants arrive. That week I will be helping the participants get to the prayer sites and doing whatever is needed during that time as well and getting the food ready for lunches for everyone. I have to learn my way around the city, so part of my time is doing just that.
     I watched a team mate's 2 year old,  yesterday morning so they could have a team meeting without interruption. He's such a cute kid and is all boy. You know the type, climbing, dump trucks, hands in the pockets with a rock in one of those pockets as he's surveying the land while we walk. He's confident, curious and adorable.  I went on YouTube with him to watch a few Mickey Mouse cartoons while having a snack. As he was watching Mickey I spent a little time drawing a quick portrait of him to give to mom and dad. That's always fun. Of course I forgot to bring any art materials so had lined paper from a journal and a pencil. That's okay. It satisfies me.
    I will be watching another two little boys one afternoon in a couple of weeks.  The wife is heading to Switzerland for some days to do training on how to teach women to do better in their studies here in France. He will be going down to Musee D' Orsay (an art museum) to teach school age children lessons through Biblical art or pottery. There are many spiritual lessons that can be derived from art. Very cool. That is something we can do with adults or children when we get here full time. It will be great to get to know these children.
    I'm taking the buses and trains everywhere to downtown Paris and around to various teammates homes. I have had to take a few naps and get used to the change. It's still hard for me to wind down. But it's that way when I'm home.
    I'm staying at the French language school in Massy so it's been so wonderful getting to know the students and staff here. Everyone is great. We are supposed to speak French in public places, like the Kitchen area, where we are all cooking and eating. Very interesting to hear and trying to communicate. They give grace on those who have only been doing it for a little while. I'm trying to do as much as I can. Thank goodness for Rosetta Stone as it has helped. People are here not only from the states but Switzerland, Norway, England, Germany, Colombia, Korea, Japan, and Brazil. There may be others I have not met. Most are on their way to a destination that speaks French and others are trying to find out what they want to do and are learning this language.
    I've had fun passing out little gifts to our team for things they do not get here in France - baking powder (go figure), oreos (I heard they are just now getting them but they are expensive), sippie cups for kids with straws, Campbells mushroom soup, Ghiradelli Brownie Mix - some of the French families love them and it's a treat - isn't that funny in the land of chocolate, Kansas City Gates and Sons BBQ sauce - my personal  favorite, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for a family, and I bought a bunch of mascara since it's so expensive over here in France and more. It's been fun passing this stuff around. I had a couple of women donate toward this cause. Thank you my friends! What a blessing it is.
    Russell is doing well and I was glad to hear we gained 250/mo in new support this past week. Go God! Yay! Other lump sum giving came in. Thank you to all of you who are on our team through prayer and through funds. We appreciate your willingness to give of your time and talents, and BIG encouragement. Thank you to our Heart Team and to our coach at World Team who has been there for us in recent days over the holidays and through the dark winter days.
    Russell is staying in  MO with his familly for a week and visiting a church up there sharing our story. Everyone he's been talking to are receptive and very welcoming. We thank God for the many blessings he bestows on us no matter what is happening in our lives. Thanks for being a part of what God is doing................Carol

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