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Monday, April 18, 2011

Remember praying for Lambert?

Lambert (pronounced Lahmbare) accepted Christ as his Savior 2 weeks ago! I shared with you that he is dieing and Pastor David told him he needs to make a decision for Christ because he's going to meet God soon. Lambert finally told David that he believes but that he didn't think he had sin in his life. David said to Lambert, you are a really good man and you have loved your family and your neighbors but it is not good enough for God Lambert. David asked him if it was okay to lead him through prayer to Jesus and Lambert said it was fine so David led him into salvation after 8 years of trying to get this man to understand. Praise God!

I have so many wonderful stories I will share in the upcoming days but for now I need to rest after a great week. Enjoy this week of preparation for the celebration of our resurrected King - Jesus!

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