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Thursday, April 28, 2011

As I was packing..........

      Have two months really gone by? Believe it or not, it has, so I'm preparing for my journey back to the states leaving this Saturday morning. I would appreciate prayers for safe travel. As I was packing, I was reminded of a conversation with a widow who lived here at the Language school, working with various groups. She recently moved to Nice to work with an organization (pronounced Neece). While at the airport in London, a while back, she was asked to be completely searched - herself and her belongings. This woman is a seasoned traveller.
     The woman/officer searching her things had on her own nationalistic dress, not a security uniform and began going through her papers. The officer asked her what kind of work she was doing. Then asked her more specific questions about who she was working with—and confiscated her paperwork. This woman, we'll call her Maggie, became very nervous. I don't recall if they returned her papers which had all the names, addresses, type of work, her schedule and where she was going, etc. I imagine they did return her papers but she said it altered her view on traveling, even in countries which have freedom of religion. She said going forward she would not have any of her work information in paper form with her. So far, even though our computers are put through the screener, they are not being read while trying to get on the plane.
     I've decided not to have personal info about others I work with, or about the conference, in paper form in my purse or suitcase. Am I paranoid? I shared earlier on this blog about a woman who came to our school to get information, trying to take pictures, and was asked to leave. She was of another belief and they caught her snooping. If you know me at all you know that I love all mankind, no matter who they are but we are living in interesting times which call for using wisdom.
      I am looking forward to seeing family and friends. This trip was a fantastic time, and an opportunity for me to use the skills and gifts given to me. It gave me more insight into our future work and the wonderful team that is here working diligently, waiting for our full time arrival. Thank you for sending me. - Carol

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