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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cowboys, Indians, the Wild West & Kansas City in a Paris English class

     I'll have 45 min to an hr. to share about anything I want with an English class. One of our teammates, Suzy, has been doing this class for a few years now. I have decided to share about our "Middle West" cowboy/Indian heritage in Kansas City. (The first cowboy boot was made in Olathe and continued the tradition until the late 1990s) I'll share about some of Russell's Cherokee background. France calls Missouri and Kansas "The Middle West." I like that.
     I decided to add in the part we heard from a Belgium guy at the "Perspectives" class in Olathe, KS who was approached by 2 large cowboy clubs in Belgium to do Cowboy Church. "Include everything", they said. "We want it all." So he came to Kansas City to speak and had to find out what a Cowboy church was. He didn't know. Someone told him there is an active church in Lone Jack. He had to find some cowboy boots and a hat. They are so expensive when bought new, so he found some used ones in the area. Off he went to experience it all. One of the cowboy clubs in Belgium has 250 members and the other one has 500 members. They do country line dancing and anything they can think of that relates to what American cowboys do or did.
     I thought I would throw in some Cowboy songs for my little French group. I googled Cowboy church to see what I can find.  Maybe she'll provide the harmony. I found some fun ones to play. One has a bluegrass sound and the other from Johnny Cash.   I'm getting excited! I heard the folks here are crazy about Black Gospel. So how about Country Gospel?
     Please see my daily requests for the next week, as the conference starts on Saturday!  -Carol

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