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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flyers for the train people

     As you know I'm on the train most days traveling around the area usually taking an hr or more most ways. Our church plants are spaced out around the city and into the suburbs. Our team is getting ready to start a church this summer in downtown Paris.
     The church I visited today distributed small flyers that said at the top, "Venez decouvrir la FOI qui change la VIE" In other words, Come discover the FAITH that changes life.
     2000 flyers were passed out to people while getting off the train and also in the nearby neighborhood where the church meets at a community center of indoor tennis courts. One young man came  because he got a flyer. About 20 others came who  attend very infrequently. We probably had around 40 adults and a good number of children. They don't have a piano player but have a guitarist so they asked a small group of musicians from another church to come and play to make this day special. The jazzy choruses and hymns were a lot of fun. It definitely added to a sweet spirit.
     I thoroughly enjoyed it. They had testimony time where three of the French shared their thoughts and why they decided to trust in Christ as their Seigneur - Lord. Franck gave the message. He is very tall and very enthusiastic. He's also a bicyclist. The Lord told him one day that he should start speaking to people more. He was on his bike and saw another biker and began talking and after a while he realized the man had ear phones in and didn't hear anything he said and then rolled away. So he had to try again another day. This time the man he spoke to was listening and told him that he had followed Christ a long time ago, before he got married, but then fell away from his faith. He told Franck that he had never told his wife. One's whole life can change with one conversation.
     Are you looking for opportunities to share what God is doing in your life? Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Ask him for opportunities. He will. - Carol

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