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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paris Conference

   The conference is going well and I am enjoying this very much. It's hard work and long hours since I'm working during all this. But I get to hear the speaking and join in after we get the lunch ready for everyone. I have a few helpers and we get to the site early and go to a nearby store to buy our groceries and baguettes at the boulangerie every morning. Then I help the participants get to the sites an hour or more away from the downtown conference area following the speaking and worship. If you ask Russell he'll tell you they are helping me get to the sites. Sometimes they have a better sense of direction as we all try to figure out the train and bus rides. Some locations I've gone to before and other times it's a first for me. A couple of the old timers who have lived here many years are going with us on the train to some locations. I am sooo glad!
     Yesterday we had a little break in the afternoon and took some attendees down to the Eiffel Tower. It's a marvelous monument. People are all over and some are trying to entertain others but what you hear and see is a very dark side and you can see these things in America. We don't really have a gypsy problem, though, like they do in France, or in Europe for that matter. The gypsys were really out trying to ply money off people with a handicap scam. (asking for money to give to people who have handicaps) I noticed the police rounding a bunch of them up as we were leaving. We prayed for the people of France while gathering there.
    Today, after the morning session, we will go to a town that we pronounce Jeezors (spelled Gisors). We will hear what is happening with the new work there. I will update on the blog this weekend. Tomorrow we will go into an area where Said (pronounced Sah-eed) and his wife will share their work. We were able to hear him speak in 2005 and I am very excited to see them again to hear about their work in the downtown area.
     We will share more specifics through our newsletter that we send via email since some things are more sensitive.

Dieu vous binesse! (God Bless You!)

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  1. I'm glad it's going well and you were able to get around OK! -Em