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Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting to know Mademoiselle artiste

     Yesterday was eventful. I accomplished purchasing my monthly transportation pass with the help of a sweet young woman who worked at the train station. Then I went back to the small artist atelier/boutique to buy a gift for Rebekah, daughter-inlaw for her birthday. This gave me an opportunity to visit with la mademoiselle, the owner, and artist of many fun, sweet, very creative things she's made. I gave her my business card so she can look at our art work. She was very interested. This provides a common ground. She had an older woman behind the sewing machine with her today. She listened to us talking as I tried to speak in a little French and she spoke in a little English. The older woman was responding to our weak conversation too!  I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to get to know them better.   -Carol

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