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Friday, January 6, 2012

Trash, Wash Clothes, Figure Out the Dishwasher Day & Buy a Baguette Speaking French Day

Today was a good day as I accomplished some things. They may seem basic to you but here it will take longer as we figure out the French instructions and locations for everything we are trying to do. Russell found la poubelle (trash location) in the garage ("cave" - cellar is the proper translation). I finally remembered how to work the washing machine based on my experience in Massy where I lived en Mars et Avril. (March and April). The washer seems more complicated with various temperatures and difficulties. It still takes an hr. and a half despite it saying 30 min. rapide. I don't believe it.
     The apartment does not have a dryer but the owner graciously has a "drying rack" for our usage. I will include a picture of this. i was hoping not to have to use one and still hoping there may be a landromat somewhere for drying. That's for another day. It's very easy to use a drying rack. Carolyn said it takes around 10 hrs. for the clothes to dry which will take some planning if you have items you may need right away. For instance, I'm used to doing laundry one day a week. I could use up most of my essential clothes if I wanted to. No longer can do that.
     We ventured out around the neighborhood after taking some pictures of our apartment complex and landscaping. Le premiere écolé let out for the day and all the children met up with their nanny's, grand méré's and le méré's plus bébé's in strollers while we walked by. Les enfants are so cute in their little French attire. I wanted to take pictures but they would probably not appreciate it.
     Our next stop was the Boulanger et Patisserie. This is the bread and pastry shop! Ooh la la! So beautifully done. Bonjour Madame! Je voudrais le pain de rustique et un baguette, sil vous plait. Merci! (Hello, madame, I would like the rustic bread and one baguette, please. Thank you!) The rustic bread looks like it is a whole grain bread with flaxseed. The baguette is with their special whole grain white bread. Americans cannot get the flour they have here. If you find a French bakery in your town you may find out that some will actually ship the flour to America. We know our French bakery in Kansas City did that until his place burned down. We cannot find Monsieur anymore. How sad.

Nous remercions Dieu pour vous. (We thank God for you!)

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