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Friday, January 6, 2012

It's a New Day, A New Dawn, and We're Feeling Fine

It's a new day, it's a new dawn, and I'm feeling fine! Thank you Michael Bublé - once again. Ha. I feel like my old self. Thanks to Carolyn, Peter and Sammy for going to IKEA with us last night and helping us get a few more things to round out our apartment - especially an extra mattress to go on top of this futon. Slept all night and woke up at 6. (Russell at 7 am, which is good.) Now on to our world after jet lag.
     Jerry found out we won't have hot water for a couple of weeks. We can live with that. The furnace exploded in this building before we arrived. No, we are not in Papua New Guinea like some of our other friends on a missionary journey who are probably experiencing more interesting life. We are in Paris and we should be having hot water. Ha. But we have a stove and it heats water. :0) And we have little electric heaters in each room to get some heat. Yay! Thank goodness for that or we wouldn't have heat. It's a lovely apartment and we can't complain.
     Our first journey on the bus was fun; to see the neighborhoods, the people, the children getting out of school hopping on the city bus to take them home, the beautiful old houses and their shutters, the ornamental iron fences and stone walls. We were fortunate to have a bus driver helping us to change buses since we were on the wrong one but still made it to our destination on time. That was a nice little miracle to me thinking about another bus ride I took back in March that got me out to Timbuktu and I had to find my way back by train, missing work.
     A few hurdles to to get over: buy a baguette - speaking in French; locate the trash area - Poubelle. Russell's tried twice; introduce ourselves to the Guardian (manager of the apartment). He is Portuguese and told Jerry that he had to learn French and we will too. So there you go.
     We'll work on language studies 20% of our time - tutored in grammar or formal French education and Conversational French. I will not only help put on this year's Prayer Conference, but will volunteer with a Women's Shelter here in Versaille, redesign the France V.I.E. office, making the workspace more viable. We'll have multiple art workshops around the Paris Metro area and I'll work with Jerry in the office on various projects. We'll mentor and disciple and meet in Small groups. There are some little ones here - missionary kids and I'm sure we will have some kid time. :0) Plenty to do.

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