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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Invitation from a neighbor for Tea

Russell was standing outside waiting for one of our teammates to come over this morning. I was upstairs finishing getting ready. A younger woman was downstairs and began to chat with our guys. Found out she was born in Argentina, grew up in America and married a Frenchman in the states and they moved here later. She said she wants to invite me over for tea. That's very sweet and nice of her. We have something in common besides America. They are without hot water and sounds like they are only getting heat from a wood fireplace.  We have 3 electric wall heaters which are working.

Versailles is experiencing some mild weather for this time of year but it is getting down into the 30s at night and this week the high is 45ish - 50. There are young families who live here as well as elderly so we would appreciate prayer for the workers to be able to get the heat back on sooner rather than later. I'm so thankful we have been having some milder weather. Last year Paris had 16 inches of snow. They haven't had any yet for which I'm grateful.

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