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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Details forthcoming!

Hi all,
     We are trying to finish up our newsletter and have to apologize for the delay. As we work with World Team on the details of our 5 month plan we will work with one of the church plants in St Quentin en Yvelines (southwest of Versailles, France) with Baptiste and Emilie who live there and have begun a new work there and also in downtown Paris for the prayer conference as well as with the France Vie office in a nearby town named St. Quentin.
     (Emilie tell me if this pronunciation is correct. - She has corrected me a couple of times!)
     Saint Quentin En Yvelines
     Sounds like: "Saw" with a nasal sound  and "Kaw - (nasal)-ta" - like cat.  En is pronounced "Aw -Yvelines is pronounced - "Eevawleen" Saw Kaw-ta Eevawleen. Try to say that a few times in a row.
     We keep waiting for the dust to settle with more details in place so we don't have to keep updating. The next couple of days should net us some results.
     In the meantime we have ramped up our language learning en Francaise and continue to meet with folks. We were given 4 names of pastor friends and families of the pastor here in Macon, MO (where Russell's folks are members). Their pastor hales from Arkansas and so we will try to get meetings set up in Arkansas before leaving for France. We also gave an application to a missions committee of a church in New York.
     Thank you to all who read this and are doing the work we have asked you to do.
     Carol (along with Russell)

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