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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Extra Blessing

This picture was taken in August while we were attending ICC (the Intercultural Communications Course) in Waxhaw, NC, at the Wycliffe JAARS campus. One of Carol's aunts had been a translator in Mexico for fifty years before she died and we hoped we would meet someone with Wycliffe who had known her aunt. Carol was thrilled to meet Dottie. She worked with Carol’s Aunt “Rie” in Mexico. Dottie also took us to visit Rie’s translation partner, “Bish”, who lived in a nearby town. We had a wonderful time hearing stories of Mexico, some of which stretched back fifty years. Dottie told us that if she wanted to visit her friends Rie and Bish, she could either travel fifteen hours by horse or fifteen minutes by plane. Guess which she preferred.


  1. HI You All,
    I am so excited for you. Going back to Paris wonderful !!!!! Keep the blog up to date, I do follow you and your new adventures. Are you making any art at all??? Just wondering.
    Your Friend from Images Gallery

  2. Hi Erlene,

    Russell is doing illustration and design on computer but as far as pottery we haven't done much since we don't own our home anymore. We did do some theatre set design murals last Christmas and in the spring. We are looking forward to joining an art club when we get to Paris. This will be a great way to meet people and to get back into creativity. :0) Glad you are keeping up with us. I hope your art is coming along.