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Monday, September 26, 2011

What's Mid Term?

     Over the past two or three months Carol and I have been in discussion with World Team about a cheaper alternative to long term missions. Our support, overall, has been slow in coming and we've been approved for what is termed "Mid-term" status.
     Mid-term for us would be a renewable two year term. As “mid-termers” instead of “career missionaries” we do not have to buy into the French social security system. Other expenses will also be less, resulting in a lower overall cost. This scenario would kick in when the short term 5 month assignment is completed and we are invited back to the field. We would return to the U.S. and finish our fundraising.
      Our original overall ministry goals remain intact but the details are being worked out by the French team and we will have a more complete update for you later.
     It’s our intention to renew this two year term and to eventually raise the additional support needed to stay on the field indefinitely. We also seek to honor your commitment to faithfully give and pray for our ministry in France. This new turn of events also reflects our wish to give you a return on your investment.
     - Russell

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