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Friday, March 14, 2014

May your home always be too small to hold all your friends!

Being in the marketing/advertising and "other" category of business for 35 years we have always striven (is that a word? like driven? no) strove? (archaic), strived to give our readers, clients and target market plenty to chew on when it concerns what we are doing. We've taken a back seat to this blog for a while and are going to offer the blog to those who want to continue by adding a password. Please let us know.

We have been a wee bit busy getting our GospelcafĂ© concerts off the ground and promoting more of our classes, doing logo designs for a lot of people lately within ministry and for two of our children and their freelance businesses. There will be offerings of english/art camps (1 week each)  this April and July during "vacance".  Another flyer needs to be designed and distributed. Here is the front and back sides of our flyer/poster.

Prayer walking is a daily occurrence for Russell. He's been walking throughout the town about an hour or hour and a half around 6am - 7:30am. I'm not an early riser and the winter weather puts a little kink in my "getty up" at such an early hour. The sun is starting to shine and the jonquils are out along with other beautiful colors. The birds are singing and so I have joined him sometimes in the afternoons. We have a letter to the Mairie's office to check out some locations for our church plant as possiblities. We are too crowded and the owner does not always keep up on his bargain to let us meet at his location. Government buildings are closed during the holidays. This makes it difficult for visitors and even members to know where we are meeting. Some Sundays, if most show up, with children, there can be 60 people! The little theatre is really too small.

Yesterday, Russell and a new friend were distributing flyers together. It's been fun for them to get better acquainted and they have the ceramics gallery in town. He will soon begin English classes with Russell. They have offered their kiln for us to fire our children's pottery and generously gave us clay! We now have about 30 little animals ready to fire. So cute! We will walk them down the street for pottery wheel demos at the end of this month.

I began reading the book of John with a woman last week grappling with a particular verse on grace. I'm hoping we can clarify that. That is a difficult passage for some here. She asked for Russell to weigh in also. I enjoy my times with the women and children. Including this young man who is starting, we have 30 students now!

A is retired from the textile industry. I've learned so much about weft, warp, weave, jacquard, damask and looms. She wants me to see her loom and what she is working on. Very interesting. Her husband is getting quite disabled now and can't get around so we offered to work in her garden or do something inside with her "honey do" list.

She brought me flowers yesterday from her garden and said, "...because you don't have a garden or anywhere to have one". She and another friend said I could come and work in their gardens any time I wanted to. Maybe I will. Jonquils and other flowers are popping up now. So pretty. I am determined that I will have window boxes with flowers this spring. That means I have to have curtains with my shutters permanently open to do this.

Our new anglephone friend came over yesterday for lunch while her kids were in school. It was so fun to talk about her area of the world and the international community here, her husband working far away, We chatted about the Ireland Cultural Center downtown and one of my student's mom's works there. She's Irish. This community seems to be well connected. Maybe we'll spend a little time with them on St. Patty's day as the French don't celebrate this holiday. It was a delightful afternoon.

Here's an Irish blessing, "May love and laughter light your days and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours where ever you may roam. May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endures. May all life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours. Carol Button Barr (Kelly Sinclair O'Sullivan McCune ) Ya can't get much more Irish than that!

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