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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catching Up

From Carol,
I clicked my way to dear 'ole Blogspot to see when I posted last and there was a gasp when the words said Feb. 2nd!!!! What??!!  Alas, my most recent post in early March was not there. My Macbook is too old now for new software updates. A dear artist friend gave me this computer to help us when ours got stolen in France. Blogspot must have updated their software and I no longer can save, or publish any documents to their page. sigh... I will type it separately for now and send it to Russell, who has a newer computer, to upload. Don't you love "work-a-rounds"? At least this computer is still working and I can save my own documents.
     Let's try this again and "catch you up" (as we say in Missouri)....
     Snow and more snow fell upon the heels of our car as we left the Midwest while keeping ahead of it the whole way. Of course, our 1999 Saab (or Sob) is out of the auto shop and we left Missouri sometime in mid-February racking up time in California since then. The car drives like a dream now but the console in the center heated up quite hot along the way. The gear shift cable was taken out and a new one was put in.  But, why is the heat from the engine getting into the console? Love the smell.  While checking the heating and cooling buttons we were sometimes able to get the engine smell out of there and the heat next to Russell's leg to subside.
     Our time in California revolves around when I can get my teeth fixed. A broken tooth, an abscess that affected 2 teeth and now surgery. Our time table (never the right one) was to leave California by the end of March. Now the dentist is saying I could have the last appointment on the 10th, if the infection is gone. We are still battling that. This is a serious infection and I'm on my third round of anti-biotics after going in yesterday for more work.
     In the meantime we have enjoyed our time in Santa Cruz in our mobile home, visiting churches and sharing our ministry. There was a visit to see James and Rebekah in Burbank and since our home is going to get rented out this coming Sunday we will be leaving again, to spend Easter with them, and visiting others while we are there.
     Recently, we created a Facebook Event page that shows how we are doing on our monthly pledges to leave for France. Currently we are at approximately $1350 per month in pledges remaining to raise! That's quite a bit less than the previous month!
     As a thank you we want to give gifts.  Artists love to give art as gifts. New pledges through our Facebook event page have gifts for certain levels of pledges. If you are not on Facebook and want to give a pledge we will certainly give you a gift!
     All of our financial supporters from the beginning are getting a PARISBarr's t-shirt specially designed by Russell. For those pledging $10 - $49 per month are also going to get a CD of cover songs that our son, James, and daughter-in-law Rebekah, are singing and playing on. Being in the TV and film industry, they have great friends who have professional skills and equipment to help them in this endeavor.
     For any new pledges of $50. - $100./mo since our Facebook event started will receive a print from our daughter Emily.
     Emily's special print edition of 15 entitled "Holy Ground, Light of the World" is a Mixed Media Varied Edition. Watercolor, Teabag Paper, Stippling, Ink 8" x 10". Each print is hand painted and drawn using stencils for each layer. Emily uses the highest quality watercolors, archival inks and 100% cotton printmaking paper.

     Wouldn't you love to own this?
     New Pledges of over 100.00 will also get a piece of pottery from Russell or a small painting from me.
     We've done a better job of updating on our Facebook pages so if you want more up-to-date information about our trek BACK to France. Please ask to be our FB friend, if you are not.

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