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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maybe I'll use a plastic bag as a scarf.

We are back in Santa Cruz taking care of details about our house, taxes, France fellowships, and working on getting back to France. I forgot how chilly it is here in the mornings and how foggy it gets. Why didn't I bring my nice scarves from France? They would have come in handy. Surely, there is a store around here who sells scarves. Russell asked, "don't I have enough scarves already?" A woman can never have enough scarves as they go with many different outfits. come on!

Speaking of stores...I went to Safeway to get some groceries yesterday and the sign at the "self-checkout" said, PAPER BAGS 10 cents. I asked the cashier down the way, do you have plastic bags. There were none in sight. She said, "we banned plastic bags back on May 20th, as if I should have known about this." Well, I never. Really?

I know you of the environmentally conscious group are trying to get us to bring in our re-usable bags. I'm trying to do a better job at that and have them at home in the closet never to remember to put them in the car. Then I have to remember to get them out of the trunk. France encourages re-usable bags and most people use them. BUT, they didn't ban plastic bags. They have nice people as their cashiers who will give you FREE plastic bags if you forget.

Don't get me started on people's agendas. What happened to being nice and freedom of choice. Well, I have a choice and I'm going to go to Sav-On today (I forgot to buy butter). We'll see if THEY'VE banned plastic bags.

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