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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ruminations from a Thrown Away Desk

It's been awhile since we posted. The last 2 weeks have been in preparations for our conference and working la conference. The first day we talked about Obstacles to faith in France. Here are some answers from people about faith. Take these obstacles and talk to the Father about them. We'll share the positive stories tomorrow.

1. I believe, I just don't practice. (would you say I'm a nudist, I just don't practice my belief?")
2. Hypocrisy
3. Hearts of stone.
4. Sorry, I keep this personal/private and they won't talk.

5. Property for the churches are almost non-existent to come by - 1905 law of separation of church and state. Mosques are getting preferential treatment with the mayors. Some EV protestant churches that are outside (not part of) of the newly formed Evangelical federation rent buildings that are not safe. You may have heard of the Haitian church in Stains, France where the floor caved in killing some people. They are not part of our EV federation but it's a very sad situation. They had 100 people praising God and dancing when it collapsed. It was supposed to be a ballroom. This has raised some very good discussion on TV and in the newspapers raising awareness. We end up getting small retail spaces, hotels, meet in homes, etc. This can be a deterrent to a French person who thinks it might be a sect and not a bona-fide Protestant church. They see a beautiful Catholic church building in their minds.

6. Many French are very tolerant for everything but Christianity - think it's not intellectual but they really don't know. (they worship reason, humanism, relativism). This has been taught to them in school from philosophers like Voltaire, Sartre, etc.

7. Materialism - Technology hasn't met their needs. They are seeking spirituality but turning to occult, orientals, new age, fortune tellers, magic, astrology.

8. Who is our fight with really? I think you know.

9. France was consecrated to Mary long ago. You can see at the crossroads a cross.

10. Betrayal - live behind shutters, walls to protect themselves. They think if they become Christians they will become dangerous. (think of all the wars).

11. Ignorance - 85% never opened a Bible. In the last 2 years the Bible is being found in bookstores. One of the largest stores in the world - Carrefour - used to sell them but decided to stop. But sometimes we can't put up a table and give them out or sell them cheap.

12. Children taught how to do sorcery, fantasy roles in school. When the children would come to one of our teammate's classes she said they would throw tantrums and act very strange.  They couldn't even be in her presence. She began to pray and they calmed down.

13. Learning curve about what Evangelical Protestants are. Extreme Christians put on Media.  (sound familiar?) More and more good journalism is starting to come out and the Evangelical Federation (CNEF) is getting good marketing out about who we are. The Minister of the Interior just recognized our Federation in 2011! They are happy we have one office they can go to and now journalists are showing up at their door to get good information.

14. Suicide is still high. Many people think about it and usually have a family member who have done it.

15. Promiscuity high - You must sleep around unless you are a priest.  You can't relate to me if you are not like me. It's accepted in French society for the men to have a mistress or vice versa for the women to affairs if they want in marriage. This is the cause of major divorce here even in our churches.

16. 60% of North African Muslims live in Paris. Government officials (mayors) seem to support Muslims over others. Jesus is the obstacle.

17. Of people polled - 62% want to know more about God but embarrassed - afraid of ridicule. And don't know who to talk to. That's because there are not enough believers to talk to them.

18.  Complete computer crashes from one of our teammates, our stolen computers. Lots of technology weirdness. You know who is at work here.


  1. May the God of all hope shield you with his powerful army of angels. Satan may be pointing a gun, but he has no bullets. His power was destroyed at the Cross.

    1. Yes, thank you RJ! He sure can be annoying. :0)