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Monday, April 2, 2012

The girl in the gray SNCF suit with her matching conductor hat blew the whistle loud and clear then hit the buzzer for the final call to board the train.

Off to Gisors we went. Russell had the rolling black bag and I had the bulging black purse filled with our snacks of gouda cumin (as the French reads on the bag) and our last piece of my coconut custard pie. I was sure the pie was getting squashed inside.

The French love "coco" and so do we. I add it to our granola if it isn't already in it. The French love their chocolate too. It seems most of their cereal has some form of shaved cacao in its contents. Did I mention heaven?

Since I haven't figured out what the different milks are available as there are a multitude; I'm sure we are not drinking skim and most certainly not 1%. Demi écreme may be 2%. Russell is in heaven and so am I. It's sweeter and has a lucious flavor. Those cows must be eating wonderful grass.

Of course, I digress from the main point of this story. It's easy to do because we are going to be on this train for 1 1/2 hrs. to Gisors - in Normandy and my mind is wandering. Gisors is one of our new locations to start a church.

The nearby Catholic priest is allowing our group to use one of their rooms in their church building to start the Alpha Course. It's a series of at least 10 sessions on various topics. If you ever hear of an Alpha Course near you I highly suggest you attend one if you have questions about God and what is he up to with all of us human beings and the universe. They are free and usually have a meal at each evening. There's a topical video and you can ask questions in a small discussion group after. Very wonderful and safe.

Tonight we will be helping Gisors with their first Alpha event. Gisors is a beautiful old village with an 11th century castle.

I've never seen so much grafitti along the way. I wonder if there are coffee table books of Paris' grafitti. This is the side that most people don't see and it's everywhere by train. Some of it is very creative.

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