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Monday, January 26, 2015

I shouldn't complain it was 48 degrees today.

It's a gray day in paradise but there are still green hills out our kitchen rooftop skylight. Which is kind of surprising since it's almost February. The weather outside is drizzling, but the electric heater is sizzling, oh I wish I had somewhere to go, that has snow that has snow, that has snow.

I've been in snow once this winter on our way back from the south of France in the car. We could see some snow covered mountains in the distance and I got so gleeful when it began to pelt on the windshield. That was almost a month ago and it lasted for a half an hour, but I enjoyed it.

Paris wouldn't know how to handle the snow I've been told. Everything would come to a standstill. Of course, children are universal when it comes to hearing, "No school today!" Yay!, they would say and run out in it.

I brought my geraniums, hydrangeas and lavender inside from my flower boxes the first part of January and new flowers are blooming. How wonderful for winter. I move them around to catch the sun when it decides to peak out. If the sun is really shining by my kitchen window then my face moves upward to catch the feel of the warmth. Ahhhhh. Can't you feel it too?

The English and Art classes are buzzing. The children are doing pottery this month. They love it! Some of the moms said they wanted to do it too. I think we will have a moms night out with clay at our place. We are getting close to buying a TV to start showing movies in English. Russell wants a guys night out with Science Fiction and Westerns. I told the girls we'd do some "chick" flicks. That will be nice on a winter night with some popcorn.

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