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Friday, September 27, 2013

Cours d'Anglais et d'art

Russell is shifting into second, swerving around the velos, watching for the motorcycles who come up from behind and pass, looking at the huge brilliant morning sun and the contrails from jets in the blue sky are a few of our sights as we travel up hills and through the woods to French classes 4 days a week. Home again, home again jiggety jig to prepare for the English/Art classes that started this week. Currently, we have 16 students. Not bad for only being here since mid-July. More will be starting in January when our French is complete and we can add another class for younger children.

Most furniture is in place now. 2 days ago we purchased a closet for our hang-up clothes. Maybe by Saturday it will be put together. Little French children came to our house this Tues, Wed. and Thur. to see who the strange people are that are speaking in a foreign tongue. They are so cute and tried very hard to do their lessons. Some of them had a gouter (pronounced gootay) while we started the afternoon classes . This is a snack the children have after school or even at home between 4 and 5. A long cherished tradition.

"What can you do?" "I can run." What can you do? I can jump. What can you do? I can dance. I can sit down and I can sing." We danced, sang, jumped in place, ran, in place and sang with a drum beat in our chairs. "Very good" is English for "trés bon." "Today" is English for "aujourd 'hui"." We reviewed the basics to see where the children were in their language learning. The last 20 - 30 min. we had an art lesson coordinated with their language learning. One of the little girls yesterday told her mother that she didn't want to go home. The mother looked at me and smiled.

The parents want to know why we moved to France? We gave them a brief overview of our job of working alongside young French Christians to start new protestant churches because there are so few. We shared how they want to worship together and have community. Of course we shared our love for art and our skills in this area. Then, we invited them to adult events that are also in English. Some of them want us to let them know when our Gospel Cafe will be and also when we plan to have our historical art tours. At least 5 adults have come to me to ask if we would teach them English. It's amazing the demand.

For now we are glad it is Friday since we are like children and back in school. There is a need for a break but the weekly test comes quickly so of course there is still study even on the weekends.

What can you do?

Bon Weekend!

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