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Friday, July 5, 2013

Plans set in motion

French Visas arrived this morning in Manhattan, KS where our daughter and son-in-law live and our permanent address is. Emily will carry them to the airport on Tuesday and deliver them to us. Nothing like personal airport service.

Pieces of styrofoam, cut cardboard and stretch wrap are being placed around more precious furniture to keep them from getting damaged. A forklift was delivered today and our father, Sherman, is gearing up to be the forklift driver. Pray for his energy level and clear mind. 3 pallets are lying around and will be filled with items for him to pick up. The scaffoldings will also be a staging area. Our shipping manager informed us that the delivery truck does not have a ramp. After much searching, calling and talking availed NO ramp that can go 4.5 ft up in the air or to be found anywhere in our neck of the woods (within 50 miles). But, hey, we found someone with a Bobcat and forklift attachment!

Pray for helpers. 11 am on Monday the 8 x 20 x 8 container will be arriving on a Steamship Port truck. That's not the best time for working men. Did I say, another prayer request? I like that it's in the morning while we are not dragging to the ground like we are most afternoons.

The port truck is smaller than a semi, our shipping manager said, whatever that means. Hopefully the driver will find our out-of-the-way place where the pole barn is with our furniture. Let's hope the truck isn't too big that it can't get down into the garage.

Yes, we are crazy and to prove it once again we will attempt to fly standby to Paris from Kansas City. A friend and supporter of our work is employed by United and giving us Buddy Passes. It is our wish to arrive in Paris on the 10th leaving Kansas City to O'Hare on the 9th. There is one flight from Chicago to Paris that leaves at 6 pm. We want to be on it. There are 13 seats available from KC and 30 available in Chicago on the Paris flight. You know what to do.

We aim to get there, Lord willing, and the creek don't rise. (I'm starting to sound more country since living in these here parts.)

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