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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Waiting on the French Consulate

All the boxes are packed, things given away, thrown away, and burned. Duct tape on the concrete pole barn floor is outlining the  area we need to fill our 20 ft. container. (8 x 20 x 8). The furniture and goods are in the staging area. Whew! it's mentally and physically exhausting to go through 33 years of married life - again (3 1/2 years ago we sold our home and moved out, crisscrossing the country looking for partners in this mission work while staying in other people's home or in our own vacation rental in California when our guests are not staying there).

The Consulate in Chicago said they thought we needed a different kind of visa. What?! Our team in France said everyone comes in on the long term visa. Our director realized later we needed another letter from our French association stating the type of work we do to satisfy them. The French embassy has the letter now. So, we wait on them to mail our visas (if there are no other probs) to our permanent address which is our daughter and son-in-law's house in Manhattan, KS. Next thing we do is wrap all furniture edges with styrofoam or other soft material and stretch wrap. Trying to find a 12 ft. ramp to rent so we can load into the mover's semi. By doing all this ourselves we save thousands. We may be building a ramp at this point.

The container will take approximately 5 weeks from our place in rural upstate NE Missouri, by truck, then train to NY harbor, sit and wait for a week, get on a ship to Le Havre, France and to our little town in Chevreuse. Very exciting!

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