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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Boot Repair

Another customer was happy to take our picture
A month after moving to Versailles, I had worn out the leather soles on my boots and needed a repair shop. One rule of getting along in another culture is, "Ask the natives." So I asked. The advise was to go to the Vietnamese guy on Rue du Chantiers. Turns out I pass his shop almost every day. It's just a few doors down from the boulangerie (bread store) and on the way to the Chantiers gare (train station).
     I wrote down questions to ask and practiced my French, starting with, "Je sais seulement un peu de Français." (I only know a little French.) When I stepped up into his shop, boots in hand, he was sitting at his workbench going to town on an electric guitar. I didn't have enough French to ask if he was repairing it or just jamming away the afternoon. It sounded great to me. Certainly not what I expected to hear. I liked him already. He didn't speak a word of english, so he wrote down the answers to my questions in French and then called his daughter to help translate. I told her the boots were made in Olathe, KS, where the first cowboy boot was made. 
     Two days later the boots were ready. The picture above was taken by another customer the day I picked them up. He did a great job and I have  new friend in Versailles.

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