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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More prayer needed

Emily came home yesterday and felt better but today she is not doing well so the doctor told her to come back to the hospital. Please keep her in your prayers as this thing plays itself out. Give the doctors wisdom to have the right course of treatment. Give Emily the strength she needs, the right temperature in her body, a clean bill of heath, no nausea, no headaches, no tingling limbs or upset stomach. Please get rid of this bacteria! She didn't stay in the hospital. The Sepsis is gone and she has to keep on the antibiotics but they think she may have a virus now and told her it will take time to get back to herself.

It's hard to talk about us when I'm thinking about Emily but I want share what's been happening.

We met with a lovely family in our apartment building Friday afternoon. They invited us for tea and brownies. He is a film music composer/arranger. She is a child psychologist and full time mom right now with a 4 month old, 20 month old and 4 year old. Russell makes a fun gran pĂ©re. Children love him especially when he brought his cowboy hat up to share. The women I've met are trying to come up with a regular time we can meet.

When our host found out we didn't have a car he offered one of their's when we have a need since they don't use both of them all the time. I doubt we will use it, though, because we don't really need it and it will take a while to get all the road rules here figured out. I need to practice driving a stick shift sometime it's been a number of years and I never was really good at it. The traffic can be pretty scary here during certain parts of the day. People love to honk at each other because of their impatience - not because of an emergency- just like when we lived in Chicago. That can be disconcerting. Most of the cars here are diesels and a stick to save on money and they get a higher price for resale.

The weekend included a time way in a protestant center north of Paris called "Responsable Weekend". It was a time for our France Vie team to get together in St. Prix to go over "The Road Map" in church planting. It was good to meet Joy Ehmann, our speaker, who worked with Russell last year so he could help in designing this 26 page program. We only covered a little bit of it but it was very interesting and worthwhile for creative thinking. This "map" can be adapted for missionaries around the world in 59 countries.

Russell was pretty sick on Monday. There must be a 24 hr. virus going around. He's fine now and fortunately I never got it.   I went to the women's shelter again today in the snow and on the bus to teach English again. Arriving early I decided to venture into that cemetery. Even though many of the tombstones were covered in snow I read some of them and enjoyed walking in the quiet. One tombstone read "Ici repose (here lies) Count somebody and Countess someone else , a general or others in the French legion were buried there. A former Monseigner who must have been very important, a young child was recently buried there. It gave me a chance to pray for the families who had recently died. I finally was ready to go inside and meet these women from all over the world. I had my lesson plan and all went well.  But, I barely got on the bus to return as it was packed with high school students as we squeezed in.

It's fun to look around as I walk... like the nun in her long habit and wimple, the friar in his long black frock and down filled black coat with black backpack and his beret on his head, the high school students with their acne, an old Citroen vehicle on its last leg, and a young couple quietly telling their goodbyes to each other as he gets on another bus and she trudges home in the snow.

Tomorrow will be watching little Luka so daddy can go to a special meeting and mommy can go to her French lessons. It's never a dull moment.

Russell is listening and watching Stargate on TV in French with French subtitles. Pretty funny. We do learn this way as every little bit helps.

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