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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happenings in France

As you prepare for your family Christmas we ask if you would put in a little prayer for us as we get ready to leave. There have been wonderful times these past few months with beautiful people sharing in our lives and encouraging us. We hope we are able to encourage and love those along our path too. Our Visa applications have been dropped off at the French Embassy in Chicago. Now we wait for the Visas and enjoy Christmas with family and friends. Here's a little bit about what we will be doing in the coming months.
     Carol will be working with the France Vie director and his wife who oversee the church plants that are ongoing around the Paris region and in Normandy. She will also help administrate the Prayer conference again which will be next April. Carol and Russell will both be tutored in language. We will be working with Baptiste and Emilie and with their interesting projects. We will know more when we get there.
     Russell will also be redesigning France Vie's website & working with French communication team - We will do Specific outside projects and an art workshop to engage others on a spiritual level.
     These days we continue working on Rosetta Stone, reading some French, watching some French TV programs -like Warehouse 13. It's hilarious and interesting to see how much we can pick up. It's actually dubbed very well.
     As we pack and sort, Russell found a bat under a piece of furniture yesterday when moving it out in the barn. He thought the bat was dead and it looked at him with an evil eye and hissed at him. To see Russell hiss at me while telling the story was very scary. The bat must have been ill and didn't move. You don't want to know what my dear husband did to him. Grandpa said he'd never seen a bit out there.
     Here's a great story from one of our teammates in Paris:The season of Advent has already begun and Christmas will soon be upon us. Paris is beautiful this time of year with all the pretty white lights, but for most Noël is just a holiday that includes a big dinner party and gift-giving, with little spiritual significance. In that context we are encouraged by the movement we're seeing here in the heart of Paris.
     At the November event (Faith & Philosophy) 10 people came out to discuss Humanism and Faith. A French pastor gave a talk and then we had a great discussion. Some do not believe that God exists, but wondering and will return. We have these once a month.
     Another of our team mates began her new study last Monday. She wrote the week before begging for prayer as she prepares a group of studies entitled Objections to Christianity, for a special group of friends. The electricity went out just before everyone arrived and she lit candles. This actually helped to "break the ice" and laughter ensued when they realized what happened. Bible Study by Candlelight. Maybe it will be the new thing. She was very excited to have so many attend since many times before no one would show. There is a new season of openness. 7 to 10 have been attending this.
     We would love to hear from you all!

Joyeux Noël
Carol and Russell

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